What do I need to start my build now?

What do I need to start my build now?

Want to build your dream with a Custom Home Builder in Wollongong?

Made that decision?!

The kids are growing up so fast before your eyes and you want to get this process started straight away so you can enjoy the years of your family growing up together in your dream home. ……time does race.

It’s a very exciting journey to embark on and the biggest question is….. What do I need to do and have to get this vision rolling?

First things first…. You need to engage a Design and Construct Building company. There is a lot to do before the whole build process starts.

And what’s most important is, for you, to do your due diligence, and sign up for a Preliminary Building Agreement. This contract gets you everything you need to have to be ready to build straight away after that, but more importantly, protects you.

It protects by getting all the Design done to Budget (concepts and plans), all Council approvals, all consultant reports and tests needed, and will finally protect you to understand the true detailed costs of your project.

As a Custom Home Builder in Wollongong we recommend to do it this way as it also finally protects you because this is a separate independent contract to the building contract.…. Meaning you can engage a builder for this, and then when you are ready to build you could by choice, choose another builder to do the actual build if you wanted.

Beware, a known statistic in the Construction world is that 80% of architects’ plans can’t be built to a budget.

Think of this, if you engage an architect independently, their sole object is to design whatever you want. They are not aware of the true costs of their design, and to be honest, that’s not what they are engaged to do.

By involving a builder in this design process by a Preliminary Building Agreement, the builder works with the architect/draftsman closely to protect you the client, to stay to budget, and understands the true costs.

This very in-depth relationship with the builder at this stage is really to your total advantage.

The builder will also organise all Council regulation requirements, Approvals, and by understanding your job, get all relevant Consultants involved and signed off.

Once the Preliminary Building Agreement is finished, you are technically, ready to start the most exciting part.

Start that build!!

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