Be in control of your build budget with Inflation

Be in control of your build budget with Inflation

We know one of the realities of the building is making sure that we build to your budget.

Nobody wants any major financial surprises during the process, and planning and knowing your budget is key, and of course, working alongside your builder to both achieve the outcome you want. You are partners together.

In regards to the current climate, Is the rise of inflation a concern to you moving forward with wanting to build your new dream home this year?

With so much on the news, and all feeling the effects in our everyday life with inflation, its a great discussion point to talk about:

Inflation is what we are facing right now in 2023, and we all need to be equipped and educated in regard to our money options. To make informed choices and to work closely with a professional builder to protect you and make informed transparent decisions, is the ultimate desire to build, on budget, your dream project.

Inflation is a reality that affects every aspect of our lives, including the cost of building a home. There have been rising prices for materials and labour, and it can make it challenging for you to get the home you want within your budget.

What can you do?

You have choices!

And you have control to choose a custom builder that helps you.

Choosing a custom builder is a great option to help navigate these challenges, and to get it costed right from the outset, in choosing a Design and Construct Custom building company.

Custom builders have a competitive edge when it comes to dealing with inflation. They have longstanding relationships with their suppliers and can leverage their buying power to negotiate better prices for materials.

This means that clients, like you, can get the highest quality materials for your home while still staying within your budget.

Design and Construct Custom Builders work with you from the very beginning at the Design Stage.

This means, your builder is working closely with the draftsman and designer to make sure they are educated on the exact costs and protect you the client, with keeping to your budget.

We have seen here in the past when people have come in from an independent architect or draftsman who designed something really beautiful for the client. We have seen the heartache on clients faces when we have given them the true costs of the project, only for the client to see that its way out of their budget, and can’t be built.

There were no considerations on costs because it’s actually not their job to think about that. Their job description is to purely draw what the client wants. That’s why you want to engage with a builder in the design stage to make sure the design matches your budget.

In the Design stage and working with a Professional Designer, you also can come up with solutions for your project of cost-effectiveness. There are many alternatives that can be decided upon to still achieve your original brief.

This protects you

Also, with a Fixed Price Proposal, everything is included in your choices, so there is no fear with price rises. It’s all in the contract. Any additional costs will all be with you if you choose to add or make variations on the way. This is all in your control and choice, and you want to have full transparency on this.

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Custom builders also have the expertise to manage projects efficiently, ensuring that timelines are met and budgets are maintained. They have a deep understanding of the construction process, and can proactively manage risks and challenges that arise.

Custom builders also provide a more personalised experience for clients, as they are involved in every step of the process. Clients can work closely with the builder to make adjustments along the way and ensure that their vision is being realised. This is through a Project Management System, which every professional builder has. 24hrs a day you can see everything relating to your build on your app and can make selections, approve everything, and make comments any time. This transparency gives you peace of mind.

Inflation can be a daunting challenge for those looking to build a home. However, choosing a custom builder can make all the difference. Custom builders have the competitive edge, expertise, and personalised experience to help clients get the home they want within your budget.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you navigate the challenges of inflation and build your dream home.

It’s all in our choices and understanding all the elements in the build process.

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