Why you need an Interior Designer!

Do you want to build Custom?!

Custom means – completely, uniquely YOUR design and look.

No one else has it….

That means you need experts on your team in the Design Process of your build to help you create that finished look in your mind….. the Vision!

This is where an experienced, reputable Interior Designer is worth their weight in Gold.

I’ll explain why…

In the world of Custom, and general building processes, there are hundreds of decisions, which can be daunting to the best of us.

The world of choices and understanding all the products on the market is not something the general person is all over. There is so much available, and of course at all different price points.

Like anything in life, there are so many nuances surrounding Selections in understanding our choices to get the inspired look we want.

Have you ever been to choose a paint colour, and there are literally hundreds of options of white for example to choose from?! And do you know what base that it is derived from…..which from different angles throws off a different shade dependent on the type of light and furnishings in the room?

And, choices all result in a certain ‘feel” in a space. It takes a professional to guide you to know how to capture the feel you want in a room or emotion, and bring the overall look together.

Another advantage to using a Profession Interior Designer, is they work closely with you and with your budget. We all have a budget, and to have an interior designer support you in choices where you can still create the look but with a more budget-conscious choice is ideal if needed. That’s why you want to choose a custom builder who supports you to give you another expert on your team to guarantee the final finish and look that you first envisaged.

An experienced Designer will liase with the reputable Suppliers for not only the best price but checking all guarantees of each product and that each selection supports you to find the product that overall gets you the result you need and want.

And lastly, knowing the Reputable Suppliers in the market, that actually do deliver a great product.

Lastly, make sure there is a complete design process in place and that each Selection is available for you to sign off, and there’s complete clarity and ease in seeing everything is transparent and chosen solely by you.

The Design Process is a very exciting and completely rewarding one!!


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